Product no.: Micro Monster
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Product no.: 60A Micro Monster Regler inkl. 5V BEC
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Product no.: Micro Monster CNC Alu Spannt

Micro Monster CNC Alu Spannt

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Product no.: Micro Monster Servo Chaservo LV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g

Micro Monster Servo Chaservo LV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g
Precise as a matter of principle!

Whether in competition, during training or just to pass the time: You have to be able to rely on the components at all times.
CHAServo combine world-class performance and workmanship so that nothing stands in the way of your next success.


Maximum power with an impressive resting heart rate. The Chaservo LV series.

It's the little moments that can decide everything. This powerful low-voltage servo delivers the highest level of manufacturing quality and shows its strengths with impressive precision. Encased in a sleek black aluminum body, the LV equivalent of the HV06 series packs an impressive punch.

Extremely thin
6mm thickness
Extremely light, only 6.1g
Extremely fast and precise
Highest manufacturing quality
Suitable for 1S, voltage range 3.5V - 5.0V
High quality connection cable
metal gears
Best used for the Micro Monster
The CHA-Servo LV06 closes the gap in small, light, high-end servos of excellent quality at an affordable price. Especially in the Micro Monster, a reliable and precise servo is finally available again.

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