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We proudly present: the Micro Monster, a rebellious competition model in the U250 class. But wait, not just for the high-end pilots – even rookies can soar to new heights with the right setup!

Our mini-monster glides as gracefully as a panda sipping a bamboo smoothie. It zips through the skies faster than your grandma with her walker, starting at 2S. For those wanting the ultimate thrill, power it up with 3-4 S, preferably with more experience than a ninja cat tamer.

For the absolute adrenaline junkies among you: our Micro Monster loves more fuel, 5-6 S, and the air ignites – guaranteed speed rush!

Accessory Notes:

Luckily, the monster isn't a diva, but it does require a complete RC system, three servos, motor, and regulator. Unfortunately, these are not included. Sounds like a lot? But of course! An airplane without a remote is just a quirky paperweight.

More important than the latest gossip in the tabloids: Extend the receiver antennas far from the fuselage, as if they're supermodels on a catwalk – the monster likes it breezy!

Technical Facts (because we're not on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"):

Wingspan: Approximately like an average party hat (about 60 cm)
Length: A bit longer than the queue for the latest smartphone release (about 46.5 cm)
Raw weight: A bit lighter than your shadow (105g, plus/minus 15g – because perfection is overrated)
Recommended RC Equipment (because you can never have too much):

3x Chaservo LV06-HV06 (sounds like caffeine but is responsible for control)
Motor: T-Motor F60 2700kv-F80 2500kv Series (because the wind doesn't blow by itself)
Lipo: Mylipo 4s 450 mah - (or 4s 650 mah folded if you like it elegant, or 6s 450 mah folded if you want to really make it roar)
Regulator: For example, an HJK Micro Regulator with BEC – available in the shop, not at the bakery.
Center of Gravity (because balance is half the battle):

From the nose: Between 36-39mm, because who wants a lopsided bird?
Aileron deflections: 3mm+ 2mm- (because flying without a dance routine is boring)
Elevator deflections: 2mm+ 1mm- (because the sky isn't the limit, it's just the minimum)
Important Note (here it gets serious, but with a twinkle in the eye):

Not a toy, folks! The Micro Monster is not a harmless plastic thing. With over 300 km/h, it can wreak havoc – like your last date with your self-esteem. So use it with brains and sense, unless you'd prefer cuddling with an airplane trailer rather than a plush toy.

Info (because information is sexy):

If you're missing a part or just don't know how to tame such a monster, we offer optional complete sets. And yes, we're always here for you – by phone or in our ultra-exclusive HJK WhatsApp group. Because one thing is certain: We love it when a plan comes together, and even more when it takes off!

Keep flying high!

Your HJK Team


Important: annual production volume

In order to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products, only a limited number of items is possible each year. This is in the interests of our customers, and we as manufacturers want and will only deliver high-quality products. "Quality over quantity" is our motto, which we will stick to in the future.

The current "core delivery times" can vary depending on the order situation, more in "the" terms and conditions!

Please note: here, too, customers are supplied according to the order in which they were ordered, i.e. whoever orders first flies first. Please understand that a "one-man business" cannot process everything at once.

Thank you for your understanding.


HJK-Speedwings recommends protecting all HJK Sichtcarbon models from direct sunlight after flights. This is because all models are made of Sichtcarbon, which heats up significantly due to its black color. Additionally, storing HJK models in cars, especially in warm temperatures, is discouraged as cars can heat up considerably, potentially damaging the materials of the models.


Product Note Status Price
60A Micro Monster Regler inkl. 5V BEC 60A Micro Monster Regler inkl. 5V BEC
69.00 € *
Micro Monster CNC Alu Spannt Micro Monster CNC Alu Spannt
22.49 € *
Micro Monster Servo Chaservo LV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g Micro Monster Servo Chaservo LV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g
52.90 € * Notify on availability
Micro Monster EWD Hilfe Micro Monster EWD Hilfe
17.99 € *

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