KST Servo HS-08 B, 8mm Digital, für zb. Elysium und Thermikmodelle bis 2,5kg

Product no.: KST Servo HS-08 B, 8mm Digital, für zb. Elysium und Thermikmodelle bis 2,5kg

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Product information "KST HS-08B · 8 mm digital HV servo up to 51 Ncm"

KST HS-08B · 8 mm digital HV servo is the new high performance mini digital 8 mm digital HV servo from KST in an aluminum housing with a robust metal gear. The KST HS-08B is characterized by its robustness, high resetting accuracy and a positioning force of up to 51 Ncm (at 6V) with a good positioning speed.

The KST HS-08B servos are particularly recommended for Elysium and thermal models up to 2.5 kg take-off weight (ailerons, rudder and elevator).

Due to the low height of 8 mm, the KST HS-08B is ideal for F3J, F5J, HLG, DLG, F5B and F5D models. The KST HS-08B can be operated with a 1-cell or 2-cell Lipo.

The KST HS-08A is identical to the KST HS-08B, but the KST HS-08A has the servo fastening straps attached vertically for surface mounting. The KST HS-08B has normal standard mounting brackets.

The high-quality full aluminum housing can be fitted precisely and ensures good heat dissipation. Please note the servo recommendation of the respective model manufacturer when selecting your servos.

The following technical details are already available:

Operating voltage [V]: 3.8 - 8.4
Stalling Torque [N / m] @ 6.0V: 0.50 (5.1 Ncm)
Rated Torque [N / m] @ 6.0V: 0.15 (1.53 Ncm)
Stalling Current: 0.68 A
Rated Current: 0.25 A

Width [mm]: 8.0
Length [mm]: 24
Height [mm]: 25.25
Weight [g]: 11
Motor type: Coreless
Frequency range: 1520us / 333Hz, PWM: 1000us-2000us
Transmission type: metal
Storage type: 2BB
Electronics: digital
Position sensor: potentiometer

Accessories included: 3 plastic servo arms, 1 servo arm screw, mounting screws


The dimensions relate to the housing, without taking into account the mounting flanges, the possibly protruding motor and the output. Please also note the dimensions in one of the photos.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 3.8 - 8.4 volts (HV)
Case thickness: 8 mm
Case width: 24 mm
Case height: 25.25 mm
Weight: 11 g
Housing material: aluminum, CNC machined
Servo motor: Coreless bell armature
Position sensor: Poti
Positioning force at 6.0 volts: 51 Ncm
Fixing straps: standard
Servo gear: robust metal gear
Bearings: 2 ball bearings
Connection cable · Connector system: Graupner connector

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