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Welcome to HJK-Speedwings


Welcome to our Homepage HJK Speedwings!


I am an enthusiastic RC modelbuilding aircraft pilot and I would like to participate you at the fascination of airplane model construction and flying as well. Do you graw out of starter models and look for another different? Has your models reached their performance limits?

Have you got wished to build in stronger electric motor drive trains in your model without exceeding limitations? Do you miss individuality? In this case you are placed on the right page and you can find out what you are always looked for!

My aircraft models – constructed in full carbon fiber laminate material (full CFK) (SpreadTow) -are different. Robustness and suitability for daily use

Certainly you have tightened up your aircraft model after a hard landing process or because the need of an stronger electric motor drive train, havebt`t you? You definitely know of the phenomenon of transport da mage by way to airfield. Once offend and you model was da maged. This all cannot habbened so quick with my HJK aircraft models.All prominent places on aircraft body and wing borders are tightened up with CFK and rovings. Our HJK aircraft models allocate by robustness and suitability for daily use and tolerate some harder landings and higher aircraft payload without any difficulty. Stiffness, you can see it No distorition ,no vibrations , hard as a board.

In the air an HJK aircraft model is almost indestructible. By the use of CFK materials of different thickness and ahapes the model will be extremly stiff. Certainly, aou can see this at our HJK aircraft model is typically black. You can see the laminated materials and onself be enthused of the construction. Individuality and efficiency weight An HJK aircraft model allocates by a longer and higher body capacity. Finally you get more amount of space for stronger electric drive trains, more accumulators and bigger air screws. You may try your desired drive train and indicate individuality. An HJK aircraft model to lerates drive trains of multiple HP performance without and difficulty. Naturally to afford this , the basic weight of an HJK aircraft model is slightly higher. Thereby it scores with advantages of robustness, stiffnes and suitability for daily use. In the paractice it turns to account quickly. Unbeatable price Iam looking out for requirements of dedicated RC modelbuilding enthusiasts. Therefore i produce full CFK aircraft models. You get anHJK aircraft model to equip it to your qwn individual high end aircraft machine. You may compare , the price of an HJK model will convince you.


An HJK aircraft model, made in Germany