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Important: annual production volume


In order to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products, only a limited number of items is possible each year. This is in the interests of our customers, and we as manufacturers want and will only deliver high-quality products. "Quality over quantity" is our motto, which we will stick to in the future.

The current "core delivery times" can vary depending on the order situation, more in "the" terms and conditions!

Please note: here, too, customers are supplied according to the order in which they were ordered, i.e. whoever orders first flies first. Please understand that a "one-man business" cannot process everything at once.

Thank you for your understanding.

Finally the time has come! The Elysium is available to order!


Please note: Here, too, customers are supplied in the order in which they were ordered, i.e. whoever orders first flies first. Please understand that a "one-man operation" cannot process everything at once.


The salvation for everyone who is looking for a highly efficient all-rounder with which almost everything is possible. The Elysium is the absolute high-end model from HJK-Speedwings, first-class workmanship in an unsurpassed carbon spreadtow look.

The goal of this model was clear: An unmistakable, extraordinary model, highly efficient, extremely stable, practical to use and almost no restrictions in terms of the area of application and the choice of drive.



The absolute special features of this model include:

- Divisible wing, designed for well over 400kmh

- Plug-in rear, fuselage can be shortened individually

-Pendulum tail with unique, direct linkage

-Long fuselage nose, fuselage width for up to 6S 3000 mah Lipos (from 3-12 S everything is possible!)

-Air screws up to 22 inches possible

-Large arch flaps


- Center of gravity can be realized with almost any drive, regardless of whether it is a geared motor, internal rotor, external rotor in front frame assembly, etc...


The Elysium is a true all-rounder, extremely "hotliner", "speeding", thermalling or slope soaring: this highly efficient, extremely stable and extremely good-natured high-end model feels at home anywhere and puts a grin on every pilot's face!


Notes: the model is equipped with a complete RC system and 5 servos, e.g.


KST x08 Plus, motor and controller required, which are NOT included!




Important: make absolutely sure that the antennas of the receiver are led far out of the fuselage


(as with all fully CFRP models)!


Technical specifications:

Span: about 170cm

Length: approx. 124 cm

Raw weight: 700g +-50g




Scope of delivery:


Two-piece fuselage in full CFRP AFK


Vertical tail in full CFRP (SpreadTow)


Tailplane in full CFRP (SpreadTow)


Two-piece 4-flap wing in full CFRP (SpreadTow)


flat screws


rudder horns




Not included are:


Complete RC system

motor bulkhead

foil design





For each model, a complete set with all the necessary parts that are required for completion can be offered as an option.

Information and tips can also be obtained at any time by telephone or via the official HJK WhatsApp group.



HJK-Speedwings recommends protecting all HJK Sichtcarbon models from direct sunlight after flights. This is because all models are made of Sichtcarbon, which heats up significantly due to its black color. Additionally, storing HJK models in cars, especially in warm temperatures, is discouraged as cars can heat up considerably, potentially damaging the materials of the models.


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Elysium Wing Servo Chaservo HV85, 24x8.5x26.5mm, 15g, 98Ncm@8.4V> Elysium Wing Servo Chaservo HV85, 24x8.5x26.5mm, 15g, 98Ncm@8.4V>
59.90 € * Notify on availability

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