Product no.: LP1.1 SpreadTow
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Product no.: HJK-Speedwings LP1.1 Tragflächenschutztasche
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Product no.: Psycho Servo Chaservo HV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g, 24Ncm@8.4V

Psycho PilfX1.1 Servo Chaservo HV06, 19x6x18.5mm, 6.1g

Precise as a matter of principle!

Whether in competition, during training or just to pass the time: You have to be able to rely on the components at all times.
CHAServo combine world-class performance and workmanship so that nothing stands in the way of your next success.


6mm digital servo with aluminum housing, double ball bearings and metal gears. Fully programmable. Developed and tested with the help of world-class pilots, this 6g servo is designed to deliver maximum performance in every respect.

The CHA-Servo HV06 closes the gap in small, light, high-end servos of excellent quality at an affordable price. Especially in the Psycho PilfX1.1, a reliable and precise servo is finally available again.

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