BM 22/50 9,35 x 22......................Speed Propeller - Prop

Product no.: 1Paar Speed Prop BM 22/50 9,35x22 Notify on availability
47.00 / pair(s)

Price includes VAT, plus delivery

We have now found a way to keep prices for HJK propellers at a moderate level.
In the future, we can provide you with propellers for your HJK models and other speeder through an external provider (

Prices two sheets 45
Trefoil 65

BM 22/50 on the 50mm centerpiece is a 9.35 x 22; 18600rpm ; 6.5Kw ; 4.1kg thrust

e.g. for Monster 1.1 or Big Monster

PS: The blade length can be varied with other center pieces, also ideal as a 3 or 4 blade folding air screw.

If necessary, the leaves can also be shortened individually to achieve fine-tuning.

All Speed folding propellers are hand-laminated from CFRP.



Dear customers,
Unfortunately, due to the inefficiency of manufacturing and selling CFRP propellers, we are forced to raise prices.
We were faced with the choice of completely ceasing production or sales, or adjusting prices accordingly. After much deliberation, we decided to continue offering our propellers and continue production.
The production of full CFRP propellers is an extremely time-consuming process in complete manual labor, which requires a corresponding selling price to manufacture in Germany and to sell economically.
Furthermore, please note that hand laminated and sanded laminate components may not all look exactly alike and visually perfect if they need to be produced in a timely and economical manner. Every customer can do some visual reworking as they wish.
We ask for your understanding.

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