Tenshock CZII1540 3230kv Spezial PilfX1.1

Product no.: Tenshock CZII1540/7 Spezial PilfX1.1 Antrieb


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Tenshock4 Pole Brushless Motor CZII-1540 7T 3230KV




1.CNC machined AL housing


2.Efficiency 4-pole 12 slots brushless motor


3. High-purity copper windings maximize conductivity


4. Powerful sintered neodymium magnet


5. High torque and light weight


6.Rotor kevlar package


7.High grade bearings


Pole: 4 diameter: 29mm

Length: 63 mm

             ØShaft: 3.17mm

       Shaft length: 10mm

Weight: 180 g

Max speed: 84,000

           Max. Temperature: 180 ° C

Time: 8-10

Mounting hole distance: 19mm

Mounting hole size: M3 * 6



The following is required for the Hotliner Combo for the PilfX1.1 on this engine:

1x Reisenauer gear Micro Edition 5: 1 3.17mm

1x motor flange M3 / 19mm hole spacing with

Mounting groove 17-2 for Micro Edition

1x TORQUE sprocket for Micro Edition 5: 1 3.17mm

1x RF 15x16 CFK - S or (a hand-laminated hard CFK SpreadTow 14.5x18 can be ordered at a.mehlbeer@web.de )

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