TP3640 7D-KV2080 4 Loch Aufnahme

Product no.: TP3640 7D-KV2080 4 Loch Aufnahme


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The ideal Pilf X1.1 Speed engine to crack the 400 km h on a Speed Line Luftschraube 7.0x7.0

For best results, use 6s1p 3200mah Mylipo Lipos.


     Extremely high efficiency
     Highest quality magnets
     competition proofed
     Very good heat dissipation
     Perfect concentricity
     Pretty tough

     4 hole recording (special production)

Net weight (g) 322
Engine type internal rotor
U / V 2080
Max. Current consumption (A) 100
Voltage range (V) 11.1 - 28
Max. Power (W) 2800
LiPo 3 - 6
Ø (mm) 36
Length (mm) 71
Shafts Ø (mm) 5,00
Wavelength (mm) 18

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