Servo DES 428 BB, MG, Graupner/SJ # 7911

Servo DES 428 BB, MG, Graupner/SJ # 7911

Product no.: Servo DES 428 BB, MG, Graupner/SJ # 7911


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Ideal for PilfX1.1 and LP1.1

Servo DES 428 BB, MG, # 7911

DES-Servo (Digital-Eco-Servo)
A new product range in the segment of digital servos. The DES-servos are suitable for nearly every application due to their wide range of different specifications: different case sizes, different gear types, torque levels and speeds. The DES-servos are designed for all kind of modelers, from the beginner to the competition pilot. Some of the servos are fully sealed (case screws, case sections and output gear) in order to increase the operational reliability of your planes. Servos with double ball bearing precision gears of metal and aluminium guarantee extremely accurate positioning. High-quality Atmel micro-controllers are used to process the control signals and to provide the positional accuracy. 
technical data
Voltage range [V] 4.8...6.0
Torque @ 4.8/6.0V [Ncm] 20
Torque @ 6.0V [Ncm] 24
Transit speed @ 4.8/6.0V [s] 0.13/40°
Transit speed @ 6.0V [s] 0.1/40
Gear type Metallgetriebe
Bearing 2 Kugellager
Length (by manufacturer) [mm] 23
Width (by manufacturer) [mm] 9
Height (by manufacturer) [mm] 29
Weight [g] 9.5

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