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In order to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products, only a limited number of items is possible each year. This is in the interests of our customers, and we as manufacturers want and will only deliver high-quality products. "Quality over quantity" is our motto, which we will stick to in the future.

The current "core delivery times" can vary depending on the order situation, more in "the" terms and conditions!

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The model:

The Micro Monster is an uncompromising competition model for the U250 class, but with the same

Setup can be mastered very well by beginners and newbies.

The Micro Monster flies just as good-naturedly as its big brothers, and starting from 2S quite fast on the way. Who wants to let it really crack

motorized him with 3-4 S, but you should bring a little experience with fast models.

And for the absolute adrenaline junkies among you: The Micro Monster is also happy about even more food, 5-6S and the air is burning, speed frenzy guaranteed!

Optimal visibility is provided by a neon design, which we optionally offer through a business partner (email:

can offer for a surcharge.

Notes: to equip the model, a complete RC system and three servos, motor and controller is needed, which are NOT included!

Important: make sure that the antennas of the receiver are far out of the fuselage

(as with all full CFK models)!

Technical specifications:

Span: about 60cm

Length: approx. 46.5 cm

Recommended RC equipment:

3x KST X06 in the shop, Turnigy D56MG or JX D56MG Servo, KMST XV 8-309-V

Engine: T-engine F60 2700kv-F80 2500kv series

Lipo: Mylipo 4s 450 mah - (4s 650mah folded or 6s 450mah folded)

Regulator: HJK Micro Regulator with BEC in the shop


main emphasis

from the leading edge 36-39mm

Aileron deflections 3mm + 2mm

Elevator rashes 2mm + 1mm

Important: EWD 0,0



Important note: No toys! The Micro Monster is an extremely fast full CFRP model that can be reached at speeds far beyond 300 km / h and can result in significant property and personal injury if used improperly!


For each model, a complete set with all the necessary parts that is required for completion can optionally be offered.
Information and tips can also be obtained at any time by telephone or via the official HJK WhatsApp group.

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