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KST X06 v6 Micro Digital Servo

Product no.: KST X06 Micro Digital Servo

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Ideal Mico Monster Servo KST, X06-V6, 7mm HV, F3K Mini Digital, 6g, 20x7x16.6mm, 0.07s/18Ncm @ 8.4V

KST X06-V6 is the programmable new high performance mini / micro digital servo from KST in aluminum housing with robust metal gears. The X06 servo can be operated with 1 or 2-cell LiPo and can therefore be used universally in many models. The KST X06 is optimally suited for use in the HLG and DLG classes due to its high actuating speed, extremely high torque and very good reset accuracy. Despite the performance, please note that the servo may only be used in models up to 500g take-off weight!


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