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KST X10 Flaechenservo V2.0 30 x 10 x 35.5mm 28g

Product no.: KST X10 Flaechenservo V2.0 30 x 10 x 35.5mm 28g

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Ideal for Big Monster and Monster1.1

Servo KST X10, 10mm HV wing servo, V2.0, 30 x 10 x 35.5mm, 28g

The X10 is a new servo of the X-serie and a further development of the KST DS225-MG-HV.

New version with a new motor

The difference between the X10 and the DS225 is the new electronics of the X10 with an improved setting back to initial position. The motor of the KST X10 can be loaded up to 10kg/cm. The upper part of the KST X10 consists of a AI7075 aluminium alloy, which improves the stability and the backlash-free continious operation compared with the KST-DS225 MG.

KST X10 wing servo - more power, new electronics, new motor, improved setting back to initial position, upper part made of AI7075.

technical data
Voltage range [V] 6.0 - 8.4
Torque @ 6.0V [Ncm] 75
Torque @ 7.4V [Ncm] 95
Torque @ 8.2V [Ncm] 108
Transit speed @ 6.0V [s] 0.14/60°
Transit speed @ 7.4V [s] 0.12/60°
Transit speed @ 8.2V [s] 0.10/60°
Gear type Stahl
Bearing Kugellager
Motor coreless
Length (by manufacturer) [mm] 30
Width (by manufacturer) [mm] 10
Height (by manufacturer) [mm] 35.5
Weight [g] 28


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