PILF X1.1 SpreadTow

PILF X1.1 SpreadTow

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Important: annual production quantity

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of our products, only a limited number of pieces per year is possible. This is in the interest of our customers, and we as the manufacturer want and will only deliver high quality products. "Quality over quantity" is our motto, which we will continue to adhere to in the future.

The current "core delivery times" may vary depending on the order situation, but more in "the" terms and conditions!

Thank you for your understanding.

The PILF X1.1 flight plane is constructed in visible full carbon fiber laminate material (full CFK) and will be used Speeder. Because of the high usability and speed range, the flight plane allows assemblies of different power drive train concepts.

PILF X1.1 can be equipped with a typical Pylon gearless drive or with a Hotliner power drive train. Also a rotor electric drive train (LRK) can be mounted within or onto the PILF X1.1.


According to skill and operation purpose, the PILF X1.1 reaches with hot F5D drive trains extreme speed ranges. This flight plane achieves an excellent increase performance behavior with powerful Hotliner drive train setups non-stressfully and without any difficulty. It’s possible to use the PILF X1.1 as a glider – this flight model points in this field event also a good character.


Neutral flight quality will inspire professionals and ambitious sportsmen as well. The slow-flight works well without overturning. Even with big drive trains, the slow-flight quality is fully noncritical. Therefore the PILF X1.1 is usable in all speed ranges.


View in detail:


The aircraft body has a large capacity for motor drive trains up to 6s (also 7s @ 2700 mAh Lipo accumulators) and is drafted for air-screw spinners with diameter of 38 mm. The aircraft wing is very hard and torsion-stiff and nearly indestructible in the air. Whose Servo funnels have enough place for Servos such as Graupner DES 428 BB MG.


Scope of delivery:


One-piece aircraft body in full CFK, AFK

Vertical tail in full CFK (SpreadTow)

Horizontal tail in full CFK (SpreadTow)

Aircraft wing in full CFK (SpreadTow)

As used to a ready to fly model, the whole RC equipment will be necessary. This RC equipment are not be contained in the delivery of this model.


Technical data:

wing span:             ca. 1400mm
lenght (without Spinner) :   ca.   935mm

caliber spinner:                                 38mm



PilfX1.1 Schwerpunkt

von der Nasenleiste       45-50mm

Querruderausschläge      4mm+ 3mm-

Höhenruder Ausschläge 3mm+ 3mm

EWD 0,0


Please note: here, too, the customers are supplied according to the order of order, that is, who ordered first, the flies first. Please understand that a "one man operation" can not handle everything at once. Similarly, for the model, no construction service can be offered for economic reasons



Info:  Aufgrund des hohen Zeitaufwands und der damit verbundenen Ineffizienz wird für die Modelle in Zukunft leider keine Bauleistung mehr angeboten. Die Herstellung von Modellen und die pünktliche Lieferung an die Kunden haben höchste Priorität. Leider kann dies durch den zeitaufwändigen Bauservice von flugfertigen Modellen nicht immer gewährleistet werden. 
Optional ist jedoch für jedes Modell ein komplettes Set mit allen notwendigen Teilen erhältlich, die zur Vervollständigung benötigt werden. 
Informationen und Tipps erhalten Sie auch jederzeit telefonisch oder über die offizielle HJK WhatsApp-Gruppe.

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