MONSTER1.1 (SpreadTow)

MONSTER1.1 (SpreadTow)

Product no.: Monster1.1 (SpreadTow)

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Per Anfrage kann Jedes Modell  auch auf Wunsch gegen Aufpreis Flug-fertig erworben werden.

The HJK Monster1.1 flight plane is constructed in full carbon fiber laminate material (full CFK) and is usable as a speed model for extreme drive trains. This assured a very comfortable using of RC components inside the aircraft body. With high speed F3S drive trains the HJK Monster1.1 can reach very high speed ranges – rightly the sportsman of airplane devices. Neutral flight quality will inspire professionals and ambitious sportsmen as well.
Improvements to the forerunner model HJK Monster:

The manufacturing process and the quality of the HJK Monster1.1 were improved massively by using of CNC milled aluminium shapes. A new modified MH profile of the aircraft wing with razor-sharp borders matches fantastic flight quality with extreme speed ranges. The aircraft body has a large capacity for motor drive trains up to 14s (!) Lipo accumulators – this is a real unique selling point. Therefore, huge rotor electric motors (e.g. LRK motors) can be equipped in order to extend the borderline of feasibility in RC flight modelbuilding consequently. The diameter for the air-screw spinner is 60 mm (e.g. fitting for a Graupner precision air-screw spinner). All tails and the aircraft wing can be located in position easily and be screwed in place to the body. In sum, the HJK Monster 1.1 is a full CFK F3S speed model of superlative.

Scope of delivery:
One-piece aircraft body in full CFK
Vertical tail in full CFK  ( SpreadTow )
Horizontal tail in full CFK  ( SpreadTow )
Aircraft wing in full CFK  ( SpreadTow )

As used to a ready to fly model, the whole RC equipment will be necessary. This RC equipment are not be contained in the delivery of this model.

For a cost flat charge it is possible to offer a manufacturing service.
Based on the equipment and effort of fitting in the model, the costs will be calculated and defined before placing the order.
You can use this service achievement if you prefer a ready to fly model (e.g. as shown within the flight videos) without own time investments.
Please be persuaded with an proposal.


Technical data:

Wingspan: 145 cm

Lenght (without spinner): 115 cm

Spinner diameter: 60 mm

Profil:  MH-Profil Modifed

Leergewicht ca: 690g +- 50g

Ausstattungsbeispiel (Profi):

Testpilot: Gerd Gruber (Ampere-Gerd)

Motor: Strecker 530.500kv

Regler: YGE 160 HVK

Lipo: 12S SLS 4000

Prop: AG24

Servos: 3* Futaba 3150 MG

18000 UPM / 150 A

6 KW = 510



Monster1.1 Schwerpunkt 

von der Nasenleiste  76mm Querruderausschläge 5mm+ 5mm-

Höhenruder Ausschläge 5mm+ 4mm-
















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