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Important: annual production quantity

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of our products, only a limited number of pieces per year is possible. This is in the interest of our customers, and we as the manufacturer want and will only deliver high quality products. "Quality over quantity" is our motto, which we will continue to adhere to in the future.

The current "core delivery times" may vary depending on the order situation, but more in "the" terms and conditions!

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note: Here, too, customers are supplied according to the order in which they are ordered, i.e. whoever orders first flies first. Please understand that a "one-man operation" cannot process everything at once. Likewise, no construction service can be offered for the model for economic reasons

Big monsters

HJK Big Monster is a F3S high-speed, full-CFRP model for extreme drives. The model is made in full-view carbon fiber and thrilled by even larger hull volume like his little brother. With high-speed F3S drives or turbines, the model reaches extreme speeds. The very good-natured flight characteristics will inspire the professional as well as the ambitious model sportsman alike. The HJK Big Monster is rightly the extreme athlete among the aircraft.

Through the use of CNC machined aluminum molds, HJK Big Monster impresses with its high quality level. The wing's fast MH54 profile with razor-sharp nose and tail rails combine fantastic flight characteristics with extreme speed ranges. Another unique feature is the space available in the fuselage for drive units up to 16s (16 serially connected LiPo cells).

Thus, huge and high-speed external rotor motors can be used to consistently expand the limits of what is possible in model aircraft construction. The hull even offers enough space for a tank of a turbine engine!

The diameter for the spinner is whopping 63 mm for a front or inboard engine. The tail units

can be easily locked and glued to the hull, thus ensuring an ideal EWD. The wing is attached to 3 points with M4 screws.

All in all, the HJK Big Monster is a super-CFK F3S superlative speed model:

+ At the Speedcup HJK Big Monster reached a speed of 511 km / h (14s in one direction, setup available from us). The flight model shows high potential and craves more!

+ Due to the high wing depth, HJK Big Monster achieves an enormous gliding performance (thermal crawler)
+ Extremely good-natured flight characteristics, flies like a coach.
+ Fly with top speed like on rails.


Span 185 cm
Length without spinner 137.5 cm


One-piece hull in full CFK AFK

Vertical stabilizer in full CFK (SpreadTow)

Tailplane in full CFK (SpreadTow)

Wing in full CFK (SpreadTow)

surface screws

Not Included:

Complete RC

Motor Spant

Folien Design



HJK Big Monster for Individualists:

+ Optional available for an additional charge in FAI-compliant lightweight construction.

+ For an extra charge also an extremely hard version for turbine drives can be realized (DOUBLE CFK).

The equipment for the model ready to fly the complete RC system is required, which is not included.

A pickup is desired by arrangement.



Please note: here, too, the customers are supplied according to the order of order, that is, who ordered first, the flies first. Please understand that a "one man operation" can not handle everything at once. Similarly, for the model, no construction service can be offered for economic reasons


Info: Unfortunately, due to the high expenditure of time and the resulting inefficiency, in the future no construction service will be offered for the models. The production of models and timely delivery to customers has top priority. Unfortunately, this can not always be guaranteed by the time-consuming construction service of ready-to-fly models.
However, a complete set with all necessary parts, which are needed for completion, is optionally available for each model.
You can also get information and tips at any time by phone or via the official HJK WhatsApp group.

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